Bibliodrama online

“Slow down” to meet the message of Easter!

Umeå Folk High-school in association with Bibliodrama Society in Sweden invite you to explore and develop Bibliodrama methods online with cross border aspect of place, time and language.

In Sweden a man has found seven keys for pilgrim life. In this “Bibliodrama Online in English” we have our starting point from the key slowness-tediousness. We slow down our tempo of life to meet the message of Easter. We dive deeper in two texts connected to Easter, do exercises by ourselves using a written instruction, write reflections online, read others reflections online, have two web talks in small groups/pairs. We also do some walks.

It is 25 % study tempo and you get exercises every week for about 5 hours then you also have 5 hours for your own reflection and practice.

You can do it when and where you want, except the time for the web talks, when we are together at the same time in smaller groups. You need to put away time in your calendar to do this every week.

Start: 16 Mars to the 17 May

Language: English (do not have to be perfect)

Leader: Anna Gradin

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